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We are an award winning urban digital solutions company headquartered in London, but working globally.

Our talented and experienced team of engineers & data scientists are passionate about solving the biggest problems facing the built environment and smart cities today.

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How it works

Our award winning & patented technology uses the very latest innovations in the Internet of Things, as well as machine and deep learning data science to drive building performance.

Our unique sensors detect information about the metabolism inside a building and other surrounding spaces which we usefully interpret, enhance and make available in our dashboard hub to property owners and building managers.

Actionable analytics

Buildings contain valuable data, hidden until today. We make that data visible for you in a meaningful and actionable way.

Our powerful algorithms harness the very latest in computational power to process immense amounts of data collected from micro-sensor technology.

BlockDox is also a highly interoperable platform. In addition to our own features, our data can be shared and access with trusted partners - providing you with a seamless, curateable & easy-to-use business decision making tool.

Working with us

Building owners and managers are able to access a treasure trove of never before seen insight into how their properties perform minute by minute. We can show where the gaps are and help you decide what action to take. This competitive edge finally gives our clients the missing piece of the property puzzle.

  • People Count

    Measure the footfall in your building, and capture the base currency for your future decision making.

  • Dwell Time

    Understand where people congregate and for how long, so you can optimise opportunities and manage risks better.

  • People Flow

    See how your space is actually used, irrespective of how it was originally modelled or designed.

  • Revenue Generator

    Make money from new, data-driven revenue opportunities.

  • Cost Consumption

    Discover whether your building is the gas-guzzler of the property world, and how to run services more efficiently.

  • Sustainability Score

    Increase energy savings by up to 54% by combining real time data with building management strategies.

from each square feet

Real estate is a valuable commodity. However, managing property is particularly complex and costly. We help you access data about your properties you may never knew you had. By understanding how your spaces are really being utilised, you’ll know far more about the areas which are performing well and those which can be improved.

  • Save Energy

    40% of energy use and carbon emissions come from the way buildings are heated, lit and used.

  • Make Better Decisions

    Use reliable facts, instead of a hunch or instinct to drive unprecedented performance from your properties.

  • Plan Staffing Levels

    Know how many facilities & support staff you need, where and when.

  • Budget

    Keep better control of costs when you really know where the expenses are incurred.

from every inch

Make better informed decisions about maximising your revenue opportunities as well as add value as building operators, providing reassuringly high levels of property management for your tenants, customers, and visitors.

  • Business strategies

    Better quality data Improves your revenue decision making ability.

  • Integrated Asset Performance

    Understand and assess the holistic performance of your property portfolio for maximum return.

  • Building Wealth

    New technology means new, dynamic revenue opportunities are open to you.

  • Marketing Insight

    Direct your marketing effort according to unrivalled data intelligence about utilisation of your spaces.

Who we work with

Shopping Malls
Event Venues
Smart Cities
Residential Buildings
Transport Operators
Festival Organisers
Private Members Clubs

Big benefits from big data

Protect buildings

Defend your property from security breaches, fire and other threats.

Plan future maintenance

Pro-actively plan and optimize the routine upkeep of your building.

Better health and safety

Improve your compliance obligations, manage risks and vulnerabilities.

Easy to set up

  • No beacons or cameras
    to install

  • No apps or software
    to download

  • No tags or cards
    to carry


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